Top 5 Financial Investment Options In India

Considering the uncertainty of life, people are looking to grow their savings so they can accumulate corpus that ensure a financial security for their family. It’s better to make a financial investment that ensures financial benefits in a future time frame by way of interest earnings, dividend or capital appreciation that provides higher returns on … Read more

Best Retirement Planning Tips In India

Getting a job is one of the most crucial stages of your life. You work hard for your whole life to make the future of your every family member safe and secure, but after retirement, you get the time to work upon your long pending desires like learning music, painting, touring foreign countries, getting settled … Read more

Dos Donts Policyholder Must Know Buying Cashless Health Insurance

With the latest buzz about cashless economy, there is a paradigm shift within the people to switch to other means and modes of payment apart from cash. In health insurance fraternity, cashless health insurance was concerted way back. It is the most important feature of the health insurance policy where the policyholder can a cashless … Read more

Guide To Save Your Term Insurance Premium

People always keep looking for various ways to reduce the price which they pay to buy a product and if they are able to do so without compromising on the benefits, then it becomes one of the best deal for them. An economical deal with various benefits is what everybody looks for. The same thing … Read more

Are You Young Get Started With Financial Investments

Sadly, personal finance has not yet turned into a compulsory subject in secondary schools or colleges; so, as a young investor, you may be genuinely confused about how to deal with your cash when you finally venture out into the real world. If you feel that an understanding of personal finances can be stressful and … Read more

Personal Accident Cover Benefit

In a cricket crazy nation like ours, we all have debated about the challenges a typical batsman faces these days. Not only he has to score runs by hitting fours and sixes, but also has to manage the feat by running between the wickets. Imagine running in the sweltering heat wearing so much protective gear … Read more

Car Insurance Claim

The current captain of the Indian cricket team, M. S. Dhoni is considered to be one of the calmest people around. No matter how much stress is there or what kind of a situation he is in, he stays cool! Of course, pressure on a cricket field can’t be compared with the trauma one faces when … Read more

Are You Worried About Retirement Start Planning

After leading a hectic life, your retirement is a stage that has to be planned and conceived in a rational and logical way; failing which your life cannot be led on your own terms. In order to live life king size after retirement, and keep doing things that you are tuned to doing all your … Read more

Understand Claims Before Investing In Your Life Insurance

While searching for a life insurance policy, most of the people focus on low premium amount with high returns and that’s fine because the insurance policy you are going to buy should fit into your budget and should also provide high returns. But in the rush of searching for the most affordable insurance policy, most … Read more

Why Term Plan Must Have Insurance Plan

Jayant, a 28 year old salesman in an FMCG company got married at the age of 25 years. Just after 1 year of marriage, he was blessed with a kid, which filled the unknown gap in his life. Even with a low income, Jayant always tried to fulfill all the expectations of his family in … Read more