Car Insurance Claim

The current captain of the Indian cricket team, M. S. Dhoni is considered to be one of the calmest people around. No matter how much stress is there or what kind of a situation he is in, he stays cool! Of course, pressure on a cricket field can’t be compared with the trauma one faces when being in an accident. However, the only thing to learn in such a situation from captain cool is to stay calm and composed. It will go a long way in helping you to get your claims settled.

An accident can suddenly throw you out of gear; you don’t know what’s happening and by the time you recover, precious time is lost and you might overlook certain things that can affect your claims with the car insurance company. Therefore, try as hard as you can to stay calm and take necessary steps as required to ensure your claims get approved.

To do’s to keep in Mind for Car Insurance Claim:

1) Call the cops and inform your insurance company about the accident. Also, contact your lawyer if need be to make sure all ends are covered.

2) Make a detailed observation of the accident site and try to record every factual observation that can help you during the claim process. The entire sequence of events should be noted down/recorded while it is present in front of you and fresh in your memory.

3) If there are any witnesses to the accident, get their statements, get them recorded on your cell phone or note it down somewhere. Their observations will help in establishing how the accident happened, who might be at fault etc. It will also help when filing the police complaint to have everything in the records to make your case foolproof.

4) With technology at your disposal, click pictures of the accident site, your vehicle and if possible of the other vehicle as well. Ensure you capture the vehicles from every angle and every damaged part should be carefully photographed for claim purposes. These will come handy as proofs and no one can tamper with them.

5) Also, record the injuries suffered by you and the other party as the insurance company will need these details.

6) Get the insurance details from the other party too to contact their car insurance company for further claim processing.

7) File the case with the police and don’t forget to collect the necessary documentation from them that’ll be needed to be filed with your insurer.

8) Get treatment from a hospital and remember to keep all necessary medical reports and doctor’s prescriptions for claim processing. Even the medical bills that you have paid should be saved as they’ll be required for reimbursement.

9) Speak with your insurance advisor about getting your car repaired and accordingly go to either a cashless garage or to your own garage. In the latter case, you can spend from your own pocket and file for reimbursements.

10) Keep a record of every little expense you incurred due to the accident. Save all bills and receipts as they would need to be attached when filing for claims.

11) Finally, do check with your insurance provider about the time frame for filing the claims. Every insurer has a different policy regarding it and if you delay the process, your claim can be rejected. Follow the timelines and ensure you submit all necessary documents on time.

Insurance companies are in the business to help you meet financial obligations in the hour of need. Their purpose is not to reject claims, but the onus lies on you. Hence, ensure that you do everything that is required to file a claim for car insurance successfully and the insurer will come to your rescue with necessary finances!

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