Insurance Claiming Process Dos And Donts

Life insurance is the best way of handling risk management in life, but the real benefit of a life insurance can be gained only if the claim settlement is properly approached. Claiming your insurance policy is quite a delicate process, but unless there are no major complications in your documents, you must be able to … Read more

Max Life Sets Up Simplified Claims Settlement Process For Chennai Flood Victims

Max Life Insurance offers heartfelt condolences to all the people affected by recent floods in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. To provide support in these difficult times, Max Life has set up Special Claims Helpdesk to expedite claim settlement process for all the people affected by floods. In order to expedite and simplify the evaluation process for the … Read more

10 Lakh Travel Insurance By Irctc 92 Paisa

Train accidents are not uncommon, especially in India. Every year, there are at least 2 to 3 massive accidents where hundreds lost their lives. Many of them are bread earners for the family. A lesser known fact most of us don’t know is that passengers traveling through Indian railways can opt for a travel insurance … Read more

Can We Buy Joint Life Term Insurance Policies

As per the popular perception, life insurance policy has to be bought in the name of the bread earner (usually the man) of the house. Things are changing, though. With families becoming nuclear and both the partners contributing almost equally to the household income, it becomes imperative to ensure that both are insured to be … Read more

Life Insurance Products

The insurance coverage legislation to safeguard the policyholder’s needs is a collection of basic principles that every insurer should follow. The initial legislation of 2002 continues to be in force still today. A lot of changes have occurred over the last thirteen years regarding products, selling methods as well as operational techniques. Hence, a more … Read more

Life Insurance Plans Dont Be Mislead

For all parents, their children are definitely the most important part of their lives, in There are many major changes being introduced in the life insurance schemes, which may not be disclosed to you by your agents. Life insurance is a major insurance policy that most of the people rely on, so being definitely not … Read more

What Is Covered In A Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

What do you think of your car? Is it just a mode of travel for you or one of your most prized possessions? Well, whatever it is, what is for certain is that you do love your money and you won’t like to see it go down the drain even when you can take precautions. … Read more

Union Budget 2015 Whats In It For Insurance Pension Sectors

The Union Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley, on February 28 gave a big boost to life insurance, health insurance and pension sectors by proposing to bring large masses under the ambit of proposed insurance and pension schemes. Arun JaitleyPresenting his first ever full budget in Parliament, Mr. Jaitley said, “Encouraged by the success of the … Read more

Car Insurance Policy Helps Save Money

The moment someone talks about getting the car insured, most people have a tendency to consider it as yet another cost. It is like an expense that should be kept at the minimum. People scramble to buy policies that offer really low premiums as car insurance is never a priority, but an unwanted liability. The … Read more

Are Multiple Insurance Policies Useful For You

Life is moving at a fast pace these days with no guarantees of a future, and even the present is looking quite uncertain. It becomes necessary to have a credible and robust plan in place. It is also significant in the unfortunate event of your untimely death, where your family members must be taken care … Read more